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How to Get Tangkasnet

Tangkasnet is a popular South Indian name and it’s the same in Tamil Nadu. It is also used for the confectionery tangerines called as (tanks) that are orange in colour. The general word in Tamil for tangerine is “tang”, which means skin. Thus, even when we hear the word, it denotes not only the skin but also the fruit.Chick here for more details about tangkasnet

In this region, the name of the fruit is derived from the region where the fruit is cultivated. Thus, the Tarkasnet is grown on the banks of River Tamar, which is famous for its water. Though you will find lots of fruits in this region, but all of them are not made from the same ingredients.

The tanks are all grown on the plantation with palm trees and they are usually more orange in colour. They are grown in the south and the east end of the River Tamar. However, the market price of the fruits is quite low.

If you visit the region, you will be surprised to see the mountains where the tanks are grown. They are grown in the north bank of the hills and they were also known as East Godavari tanks. These were very much preferred for their taste as well as their sugar content.

The best time to get tangkas in the market is during the festival season called Yala, which falls during the end of October every year. During this period, the tanks are abundantly available in the markets. The only problem is that it is difficult to find one in your budget. You can even ask for the wholesale tanks, which will save your money and also give you a good selection of variety.

There are many places where you can find tanks in Kerala. Themost common place is Wayanad. It is where the deep colored tangkas are grown. In some parts of the state, these tanks are grown on high altitude grasslands. You can even get your hands on those that are grown on the high elevations of the hills.

Another place where you can find tanks in the market is Kuttanad. You can also find plenty of tanks during the monsoon season. The tanks are grown on the high mountains, where the conditions are dry and warm.

Though you will find some varieties of tanks in this region, the best place to buy these is Kerala. At this place, you will find that the tanks are quite varied and you can even find ones that are made from organic sources. However, before buying them, ensure that you buy them from a reputed place so that you get the real taste of tanks.