Increased Instances and Instagram Views – Strategies to Increase Your Followers

Last summer, my boyfriend and I were looking for a solution to our increased instances and Instagram views. The problem was not a sudden influx of viewers, but a gradual increase over the years. My boyfriend had been actively trying to reach out to as many girls as possible, but he didn’t have a great number of followers. While some girls had shown interest in him on Instagram, he just didn’t feel like he had time to talk to them all the time.

I had never been very active on Instagram, but I’d heard about it and seen a few of the girls that my boyfriend was targeting. We didn’t know how much we could get out of it or if it would work, but we thought that it would be worth a shot. And it was.

The first thing we did was set up a private group. We chose a specific niche in which we wanted to focus our efforts on. It was important to us that we chose something that we were passionate about. This was a very valuable lesson because when we did choose something, it was very easy to get discouraged because we could no longer see all of the other girls in the group. It also limited the amount of people that were available to follow us and keep in touch with us.

We also created a community page for all of our followers so that they could find us easily on Instagram. It was important to us that they could see that we had a presence on Instagram. This was done through the use of a custom background. We chose a particular beach theme, which gave us a distinctive feel, and an image of a sun. We called it “Instagram Beach”.

In order to be successful on Instagram, you need to use the right tactics to build your presence. We created a number of pages in order to focus on the topics that we cared about most. We talked to girls who were interested in our interests. We then promoted those pages and gained a following from these followers.

In order to really see results on Instagram, you need to create a large following. In addition, you need to stay relevant and active throughout the week. There is no substitute for following back because you have to be there when you are ready to start building relationships with new followers. All of the information and back links you create are useless if you don’t deliver on your commitments.

Now that we had the right audience for our content, we focused on working on the content that we offered on Instagram. We also began to create content that would be viral. We regularly turned to social bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon,, and Reddit. It was very helpful to have content that was shared around the internet.

Overall, the best way to gain a following on Instagram is to create a content schedule that is visible to everyone and follow through with it. Once you have reached this level, your followers will be more interested in seeing what you are creating and they will be ready to try to follow you.