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What is the Acrobatic Soccer Ball?

The agile ball is a single ply rubber ball that enables players to be more mobile and more agile. As a result, the ball enables players to cover a wider surface area, and more efficiently; this results in better shot-making. The ball itself is made from a blend of two different materials, which have the ability to deflect when struck by a soccer ball. These materials are flexible polyurethane foam and acrylic.

The flexible polyurethane foam provides the balance, strength and weight for the ball. In the form of a small ball, it is able to perform as a sturdy ball, and offers its defenders no chance. This allows players to be more mobile on the pitch, whilst offering an additional level of safety. When hit, the ball deflects, and this causes it to travel in a different direction or to move more rapidly.

The polyurethane foam has the ability to absorb a significant amount of the impact that is caused to it by the rest of the ball. It is made to break, absorb and disperse the force; this allows the ball to absorb the brunt of the force and not break too quickly. As a result, the force from the ball is dispersed throughout the entire ball, which lessens the risk of injury. This ensures the ball is able to withstand impacts at speed and for extended periods of time.

The polyurethane foam also helps the agile ball withstand cold temperatures. Because the ball is in fact a single ply, there is not enough material to absorb excessive heat, which in turn causes the ball to break down, and the players to suffer from frostbite. With the soft nature of the polyurethane foam, it is able to maintain its ability to bounce without any loss of mobility.

Acrobatics and sports trainers use agility balls for many different types of training and games. As they can be used for nearly any sport, this makes them one of the most useful.

The flexible polyurethane foam is known for its ability to absorb energy and disperse it to various parts of the ball. In some sporting games, the ball can be shaped, giving the player a greater movement, and greater distances covered. They can be shaped, by using the materials in the ball, which are capable of changing shape.

This flexibility, coupled with the lightness of the flexible polyurethane foam, is able to increase the ball’s overall speed, and acceleration. It is also able to absorb up to 90% of the impact that it is subjected to, meaning that the ball will not break easily, but will absorb impact, and distribute it evenly throughout the ball.

These elements, along with the other features of the agile ball, give it the ability to absorb impact and not break as easily. This is an important feature for a soccer ball to be able to do, because if it breaks, the ball will most likely be used for another game and not be played on again.